Ledger: Call for Papers | 2017 October 24


The journal Ledger invites authors to submit their original research to the very first peer-reviewed academic publication devoted solely to the field of cryptocurrencies and its related subtopics. This nascent field of research is highly interdisciplinary, sitting at the intersection of computer science, cryptography, economics, engineering, finance, law, mathematics, and politics. Due to its novelty and wide-ranging nature, cryptocurrency studies has not found a comfortable home in any traditional journal, and it is thus our ongoing mission to create and maintain a purpose-built vehicle for the leading research in the field.

We welcome papers of up to four thousand words detailing new ideas and perspectives on any relevant topic, including but not limited to the technical, social, economic, and philosophical developments and implications of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, public and decentralized ledgers, distributed consensus, and more. Interested authors should consult the submissions and policies sections on the Ledger website for more details on our focus and scope, submission methods, transparent peer-review process, author guidelines, and open-access policy. Ledger has transitioned to a rolling acceptances model, and will consider submissions on an ongoing basis. We welcome inquiries by e-mail at ledger@pitt.edu.

Ledger is the first peer-reviewed journal devoted to the inherently interdisciplinary subject of cryptocurrencies, and is proud to be supported by its distinguished editorial board. It is published quarterly by the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh as an open-access journal and does not charge author fees. Ledger timestamps all published articles in the Bitcoin blockchain, and encourages authors to digitally sign their manuscripts. For further information please visit ledgerjournal.org.